The Importance of the Times Tables in Maths Development:

We are committed to helping children develop maths fluency as well as understand number facts and not just memorise them. This is why we created Tables Logik, a platform that will support students to learn their multiplication tables through a method used to develop their number sense, number flexibility and help them gain “mental maths” fluency. We started with the multiplication tables because understanding the tables are extremely important for children as they help to develop mathematical concepts from an early age. They can also help children more readily grasp other important aspects of maths, such as fractions, addition, division and percentages. 

We believe that starting to build these maths foundations enables students to really connect with and understand the subject.

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What is Tables Logik?
Tables Logik Methodology



How Tables Logik works

1. It was designed for students to use between the ages of 5-11. We are also testing with the first 2 years of High School here in the UK to measure the impact it can have on students who are over the age of 11 but haven’t learnt these all important maths skills.

2. The levels of increasing difficulty are professionally designed to support the progress of learners through the development and practice of their number sense, number bonds and times tables.

3. The learning process builds on the important aspect of subitising, which supports early learners’ number sense development and introduces simple number sentences alongside diagrammatical representations.

4. Questions support learners to make the connection between the pictorial view of the question and the abstract number sentence.

5. Learners can “see” the answer and as the questions become more complex, use the diagrams to develop strategies for working them out

6. Crucially the platform allows the learner to move counters within the arrangement set for them and so encourages them to explore different methods of finding the answer by allowing them to see the total in a different arrangement.

7. The platform can never be completed because the difficulty of the questions will increase as the student progresses and even if the student reaches the maximum level the challenge will continue to increase, as they will be encouraged to reduce the time taken to answer.

8. All progress is tracked and is available as an overall school or class view as well as a detailed student report. This data can be accessed anytime.

9. Our platform is deliberately playful and interactive whilst never moving away from the methodology and learning benefits. 

Performance & Progress Reports

WE STUDY SMART, through the Tables Logik tool will record the platform usage data. This will allow us to create performance reports that will help evaluate each student’s progress in the future development of mathematical activities.

The full data to be collected will be:

  • Questions attempted by each student. Includes level, mode (timed/practice/super challenge) and the exact question shown to student
  • Exact answers given by student for each attempted question
  • Exact time of starting questions and exact time of answers to each question
  • Progress of a student unlocking levels
    How much time students spend on the platform
    How often students login and use the platform

Performance reports:

Quick overview dashboard. This can be shown for specific school and week (except for total number of students) and will provide the following info:

  • Total currently registered students
  • Total active users
  • Total student log-ins
  • Total Tables Logik question attempts
  • Average correct answer percentage for Tables Logik exercises (timed and practice)
  • Total super challenge attempts
  • Average super challenge score 
  • Average time per super challenge question

Detailed student based-report. For each student in a chosen school, at least the following will be shown:

  • Child name
  • Teacher name
  • Highest super challenge score (indicates skill in non-Tables Logik maths)
  • Improvement since first super challenge
  • Total Tables Logik questions attempted
  • Average correct answers in Tables Logik questions
  • Total active time using the platform
  • Total sessions using the platform
  • Days since student started using the platform
  • Time of last platform usage 

Super Challenge Assessments

Students participating in the project will undergo a progress check called the “Super Challenge” each time they proceed to a new set of multiplication facts. The first test will be done after completion of level G (the point at which multiplication is introduced). Progress will be recorded taking into account not only the number of correct answers but also the speed of response for each item.

Students will not be allowed to proceed to new facts (the next level) until they have successfully achieved a target level of progress based on the facts learned so far; this includes both accuracy and an element of rapid recall.

Training & How to Access The Platform

Parents & mentors will be introduced to the strategy via a series of explanatory videos that can be found here on our website. These have been especially prepared for parents, teachers and mentors. There will also be supporting online materials available.

  1. Please go to:
  2. On the right hand side of the page click on register new
  3. They will ask for a code and it is: 2021
  4. Please enter the rest of your details, this will enable you to track all of your child’s progress. Once your account has been created, you can register your child by clicking on ‘Manage learners’ then ‘add new’. There are instructions to guide you. Please note that you can create as many accounts as you need.
  5. Your child will need to use the same email and password that you registered with. Once they have entered the platform they simply click on their name, choose their helper and they are ready to start learning!
For the best user experience, please access this website through a laptop/computer.