UK & Brazil

We Study Smart have just launched in a pilot programme in England and Brazil. 

We are currently rolling out the programme to 4,000 primary students across Yorkshire and through the support of one of the federal university’s in Brazil, we will be piloting with 13,000 primary students starting in February. 

We Study Smart will also be presenting  Tables Logik to a joint meeting of the Maths Association (MA) and Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) in January and June.

We will be providing full support (both online and in person) along with teacher, parent & student workshops to ensure that the methodology is understood and applied in a way that will achieve the best outcomes. Each school will be able to access their students’ results at any time in order to monitor progress and provide support where it’s needed most. 

Expected Outcomes of the Pilots: 

  1. Improvement of Times Table Fluency by the students involved in the Project.
  2. Improvement in students’ confidence and attitudes when tackling mathematical problems.
  3. Improvement of the teaching-learning process in general through the use of alternative pedagogical tools.  

Colombian Trials​

Nadia spent some time in Colombia working on an education project with schools and foundations in Bogota back in 2018. Nadia learnt from her time and connections that there is a big need for maths support throughout the country, with an education minister describing maths education at primary level as “one of their core needs”. 

The Tables Logik platform was presented to The Local Education Minster and a number of Head Teachers in the Colombian states of Cartagena and La Guajira. The response was extremely positive and as a result we began the pilot process with schools signing up thousands of students across the two states. 

Hear about people’s experience with Tables Logik