Why Study Smart?

We at Study Smart believe that fluency in maths is not simply the recollection of facts, but the ability to rapidly recall them and apply this knowledge in a variety of scenarios.

Through Tables Logik, we provide an effective learning strategy which emphasises an understanding of every step of the mathematical process, leading to rapid recall and understanding of everything from fluency of tables to bonds knowledge. 

Tables Logik Strategy

For top results, our Tables Logik strategy is most effective when the development and consolidation of knowledge is supported by both the app and by parents.

We encourage parents to engage children in numerical ‘play’, using counters, toys or other concrete objects, to help consolidate knowledge with support from the app. Parents are also expected to utilise the correct language and terminology when engaging in this play in order to effectively develop the child’s abilities.

The National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

The tools used at Study Smart are linked to the strategies employed by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics when training teachers in maths education.

Through Tables Logik, children will be working according to Diene’s theory of educational development, which uses blocks and other concrete and visual aids to assist with the development of mathematical understanding. Find out more about the methods employed by the NCETM at www.ncetm.org.uk.

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Tables Logik in action

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Why is this important for us

A study involving 13 million students worldwide found that those who take a memorisation approach in mathematics are the lowest achieving students in the world. On the other hand, when pupils develop number sense and number flexibility, they build the most important foundation for all higher levels of mathematics.

We Study Smart have designed a maths platform called Tables Logik where our mission is to prove that learning the multiplication tables through a visual method where children understand exactly how numbers work is far more beneficial than using memorisation or recall.

We are currently piloting this platform with pupils, schools and parents in England, Colombia & Brazil.

YouCubed conducted the aforementioned study: https://www.youcubed.org/evidence/fluency-without-fear/
More about mathematics anxiety here: https://www.cne.psychol.cam.ac.uk/math-memory/what-is-mathematics-anxiety

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